About Jackie

A true west coast girl at heart, Jackie has always had a passion for beachy effortless style. From a young age she was constantly surrounded by the arts and over the years carved her own path to the artist she is today. Her absolute love, passion, and some would say obsession, for hair shines through on each and every visit to Hairology Salon and Spa.

Jackie’s addiction to her business has driven her to invest in constant education of the newest techniques and products. Weather it be finely woven babylight highlights to get a remarkably natural blonde, or open hair french balayage to add dimension and depth to brunettes, Jackie is well versed in it all. She specializes in blonding and balayage but hair needs so much more than just colour to be outstanding. To have head turning locks she believes that healthy strong hair is #1, then a personalized cut and colour come next. Jackie offers industry leading moisturizing, repairing, and keratin smoothing treatments to keep your hair strong and manageable. For those of you wanting thicker and longer hair she offers options for permanent and non-permanent hair extensions. She also has a special part of her heart saved for barbering. She worked as a barber to master precise personalized haircuts that look sharp and grow out gently.

Her goal is to grow a clientele that has that glowing positive energy she has. When the stylist and client both share a positive excited energy, you connect and communicate on a deeper level which leads to insanely beautiful results. The best relationships start with transparent communication and grow to a cohesive strong trust. We invest a lot of our hard earned money into our hair and having a strong positive relationship with the stylist you chose is key to making it all worth it.