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Energetic, empathetic, hair-obsessed top-tier stylist. Creating dream-do’s full-time at Hairology in West Vancouver. Infusing an intense passion and care into every visit. Beauty product junky, incessantly trying and testing quality products and tools to save time and manifest hair goals.

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Jackie's product collection is updated seasonally with her current product obsessions used at home and at the salon.  


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K18 is the most exciting product release since the launch of Olaplex in 2014. K18 is the most effective treatment for repair damaged hair on the market. With new technology and patents, you are getting the cutting edge of hair repair with K18.

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Winter is here! Dry, harsh weather is never ideal for your hair. This is the time to ramp up your hydration routine. Exfoliating and moisturizing your scalp will help keep your scalp balanced and healthy this winter. Minamizing the exposure your hair gets to harsh weather is always great but if you're going to be outside, you want to protect your locks from the wind, rain, and snow. Find all the products you need this winter to keep you hair as healthy as possible.