If you’ve ever wondered what your hairstylist uses at home, this is for you. These are the products I swear by for my home care regime.

Favorite Shampoo

Olaplex is one of my absolutely favorite brands. It is formulated to maximize the health of your hair. It is incredibly moisturizing, so your friends will be wondering why your hair is getting so long and shiny. If you use volumizing shampoos religiously, you will notice this brand is heavier and weighs your hair down a bit. I highly suggest to push past the first few weeks of reduced volume because your scalp will adjust. Once your scalp realizes it doesn’t need to produce as much oil, because you’re manually adding oils will Olaplex, you will find your hair color is evolving and your hair has never been more beautiful.

Favorite Conditioner

Olaplex #5 Conditioner is my personal favorite. I can trust that my hair is being immensely repaired from my highlighting and heat styling. It does not leave any residue or build up on my hair, instead leaves my hair untangled and silky.

Favorite At-Home Treatment

Olaplex #3 is a PRE-Shampoo Treatment. I use this once a month. I color my hair 2-3 times a year so I don’t find I need lots of extra care. If you color your hair more than every 4 month, I suggest doing this treatment once a week or bi-weekly. I find it very hard to take the extra time to do a hair treatment when you have a busy life. I fit this step into my routine by wetting down my hair when I get home in the evening, applying a generous toonie size amount of Olaplex #3 in my hair and brushing it through focusing on my ends. I then twist my product filled hair up in my towel turban and go to sleep. In the morning I will shower like normal using my Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner. This really helps prevent split ends so my hair will continue to grow and not plateau thin shoulder length.

Favorite Leave-In Protection

Redavid Orchid Oil Treatment is a powerful daily leave-in treatment that offers strong protection while defrizzing, smoothing and enhancing shine. This products main feature you will notice is the smell, it is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Every client i use this on in the salon falls in love with the smell. I even use this as a hand lotion before I go on a date because of the smell and soft texture. I don’t like to use a lot of styling products #1 because I’m lazy and #2 I like the feeling of fresh day 1 clean hair. This product will add everything I need in one simple step.